Atsushi Sakurai, ‘Buck-Tick’ Vocalist, Dies at 57

November 3rd, 2023

“After falling ill during a Buck-Tick concert, Sakurai died from a brainstem hemorrhage in a Yokohama hospital on October 19, 2023.”

So I started off this blog with direct a quote from Wikipedia, One of the best sources I’ve found.
Blogging is a new found hobby that I’m still learning, so I’m going to leave the facts, to Wikipedia, or the other professional news sources out there.
As a new fan of multiple genres of Japanese music, I knew who Buck-Tick was, but I had only listened to a handful of their songs.
How devastating, right at the beginning of their plans for a 35th Anniversary tour, and a movie!
Songs that are old standbys of an established group, don’t seem to have the attraction of a “shiny new release”.
I haven’t been listening to music from Japan long enough, to become a group specific fan of some of the more established, legendary groups.
When you’re on a solo expedition into new music on YouTube, you don’t get the same reverence for groups that you do when a devoted fan introduces you to their favorites,
like we used to do back in the day with records and cassettes!
That is disappointing, as it seems the intimacy and personality, has been taken away from discovering music for yourself.

It’s hard to listen to music and be non biased when it’s posthumously heard.

I’m listening to a live performance of “Speed” from 2007 in the background right now, and I’m naturally compelled to like it, simply because of Atsushi’s untimely demise. A sense of duty, out of respect for those who have passed.
One thing that is certainly unnerving about His Early death, is how similar Atsushi Sakurai And I are.
Not that I’m claiming any musical ability, only that he was one year younger than I am.
We’re also the same height, we graduated high school in the same year!
Unfortunately for me. that’s where the similarity seemed to end, I would love to think I had achieved so much, but we were on opposite sides of an ocean, and In different countries, worlds apart culturally.
A realization more obvious to me now, as I continue my interest in Asian music.
It makes me wonder what I’ve been doing all this time,
Playing around with too many junk cars,
making it to the next payday with a wife and kids, punching a timeclock?
Writing this blog post comes with a certain level of guilt, that I don’t know more about Atsushi Sakurai, and Buck-Tick.
That their playlist isn’t more familiar, prior to this tragic event.
My heart goes out to the family, bandmates, friends, and of course the fans.

May your mourning be tempered with the fond memories and exceptional

Buck-Tick is a Japanese rock band that has been making waves in the music industry for over three decades. Formed in 1983 in Fujioka, Gunma, the band has undergone lineup changes over the years, but they have remained a constant force in the Japanese music scene.

The band was initially formed by vocalist Atsushi Sakurai, guitarist Hisashi Imai, bassist Yutaka Higuchi, and drummer Toll Yagami. They were heavily influenced by punk and new wave music, and their early music reflected this with fast-paced and energetic tracks.

Buck-Tick's debut album, "Sexual XXXXX!", was released in 1987, and it quickly gained a cult following among Japanese rock fans. The album's raw and energetic sound was a refreshing change from the more mainstream rock music that was popular at the time, and it helped to establish the band as a major player in the Japanese rock scene.


Making New Waves

Written in spring of 2021

Rock & Roll, in many genres.

Over the years, Buck-Tick has released numerous albums and singles, each one showcasing a different side of the band's sound. They have experimented with a variety of genres, including glam rock, industrial, and even electronic music, but they have always stayed true to their roots as a rock band.

One of the things that has made Buck-Tick stand out from other Japanese rock bands is their unique style. They have always had a strong visual aesthetic, with elaborate costumes and stage sets that are as much a part of their performances as the music itself.

Despite lineup changes and shifts in the music industry, Buck-Tick has remained a consistent presence in the Japanese rock scene. They have a dedicated fan base that has followed them for decades, and their music continues to evolve and inspire new fans.

Gessekai (Moon World)

In short, Buck-Tick is a Japanese rock band with a rich history and a unique sound. Their music and style have stood the test of time, and they remain a major force in the Japanese music industry. If you are a fan of rock music, be sure to give Buck-Tick a listen – you won't be disappointed!

The final chapter is unwritten!

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悪の華 / Rally BUCK-TICK - Fest 2007 ON PARADE

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